Hardy Hibiscus Help!

beesneeds(zone 6)August 22, 2014

Last fall I got some hardy hibiscus seed in a trade, Luna Swirl and ping with red eye. This spring I started some of the seed, and now they are growing away at about 18 inches in one gallon pots.

I would like to plant them in the spring- I'm planning in a new garden area in the yard.... But I have a few questions I hope people can help me with.

Since they were so small and the area not ready for them yet, I'm keeping them in pots. Should I bring them inside over the winter, or can I keep them in my glassed in three seasons porch?
Since I'm planning on keeping them in pots overwinter, is there anything special I will need to do next spring when I plant them in?

I read they like a lot of water, but not too much. The area I want to plant them in will form a corner where my easement drive meets the road. The roadside ditch is fairly dry, I can mow it all year. The easement side is fairly wet, we get cattails growing in it. Can I plant in a corner like I want, or will the water conditions be wrong? I will be watering them by hand if I need to to get them started, but I need to be able to just let them grown on their own once established.

Are there any companion plants that grow well with them? I would like to fill in the underside of the border with other plants, and if there's stuff that grow particularly well with them I'd like to consider them. Also if there are any plants that are bad for them I would like to know that too.

Thanks in advance for any advice folks can give me :)

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I live in zone 6a. My hardy hibiscus is in the ground and every year I cut them back and they come back late spring.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I grow my hibiscus seedlings in pots and sink the pot in the ground to overwinter.

All my hibiscus plants are in mixed perennial beds with average water needs.

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i am guessing that cattails mean standing water....from what i can tell hib's don' like their feet wet all the time. they need a lot of water but it needs to drain out as well.

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I had all of my hardy hibiscus is pots and last year, left them outside. Although we had a colder than usual winter, all of them were lost. My suggestion is you moderate the cold on your porch and let them go dormant for the winter.

As for the habitat....several mallow varieties enjoy living in standing water like 'cat tails'.


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Hibiscus moscheutos, has a common name, swamp rose-mallow. Any of the common garden selections or hybrids include this and OTHER swamp mallows as the base.

I think that name alone will help with the culture question.

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Plant the pots in the ground if you can for this winter.
Mulch real good all around the pot, about 3 inches.
If you have a more sheltered location, that is good too.
You have picked the perfect plant to plant in soggy or very moist soil. Yes, they will do well there, on the side of the house where you want them.
You can also grow even more from seeds if you want, you can see how easy they are, grow more next year.
They get bigger every year, so I think you will be happy.

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beesneeds(zone 6)

Thanks for all the good advice folks, I feel much more confidant now about my new garden plans!

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good luck!

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