Saving Hibiscus - too much water??

rose2010August 1, 2010

This is about an indoor hibiscus plant.

It has been a beautiful plant with deep green thick leaves and regular blooming of red flowers.

With weekly watering of two jugs(1litre each)of water,one with dilute miracle gro and the other just plain-the plant, which had happily absorbed same amount water in past has become waterlogged.The leaves which have not yet dropped curled inside and look pale green.

As requested by our friend(currently out of town) to take care of the plant weekly,I am concerned that in addition to being in the confines of a closed shut down house with excess water,the plant may not dry so took it outside,planning to leave the plant overnight in temperature (celsius)+10.

Is this ok? And especially how do I save this beloved plant of my dear friend?

Please advise.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

If you moved it outside during the hot sun, it very likely will get sun burned, as the leaves are not adjusted to the intense light of the sun. This has to be done gradually. The tropical ( house) hibiscus actually does much better outside than inside. They LOVE the sun, but have to be acclimatized gradually.

Your plant must be in a large pot in order to take 2 litres of water a week. Hibiscus like to be watered, but they do not like to have wet feet. They must have good drainage. I have several of mine in large pots, and water every 3 or 4 days, allowing them to get dry between watering. They do well with this treatment.

Your best bet, is to let it dry out, and then get back onto the watering routine that it is used to. Be sure to spray for bugs when you bring it back indoors. Spider mites and aphids love hibiscus, and your plant can become contaminated quickly.

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