Hybiscus cutting

HrihoriAugust 26, 2013

Two years ago after pruning we took a cutting with 3 leaves and placed it into a water glass. After two years it has lost one leaf but now it is producing a flower, There are no roots showing. We change the water once a month and wash off the algae. Since this cutting is a survivor is there any way to pot it?


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Why have you not planted this Hibiscus already. You do not have to wait for roots to form and 2 years is way too long. It should have been in a pot a couple years ago.

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thats a bit odd that there are no roots. i took a small cutting and put it in water. it did grow roots....but was also using a rooting hormone. it is also recommended to cut away a bit of the outer layer to expose the inner stem where the roots will grow from.

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