A chicken story for you...

RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)May 6, 2007

so lots of us love chickens and I thought I would share this story...I used to live in a small town outside of Houston,....our place included a fabulous chicken house so I filled it promply......I had a great fenced enclosure and with a few clipped wings for the naughty ones, I managed to keep them all contained.....except....one lady....Every day she flew up on a fence post and then hit the ground on the other side....she marched herself up to the back porch and sat her buns down on the cat bed and laid and egg and then she marched back to the pen and scrounged around in the area till I came out and let her back into the enclosure...everyday she did this routine....

another story about the same hen...One day I left a jar of seed corn on the table...she obviously entertained herself playing with the corn jar because she knocked it over and ate most of the corn...she also ended up "somehow" with the jar ring around her neck...she wore her beautiful new necklace for two days before I could catch her to remove it...

Oh and the table was pushed up next to the kitchen window, so she liked to stand and look into the kitchen...I swear she used to talk to me...

I called her Gladys Knight...because one day I said to her...you are quite the pip aren't you and then I said ...no you must be Gladys Knight herself and it stuck.

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That's a great story.

Recently, I hatched three Light Sussex chickens. I've got more than a dozen varieties, but I've never seen a chicken as curious and friendly as this breed. They will walk right up to you and seem to enjoy being petted. Weird for a chicken, but fun to have around.

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Really enjoyed your observations.
What breed is Gladys Knight? Bantam or std? How old was she when you first noted her 'independence?'

Finally have time to actually sit and watch my new chicks. Next year, want to get several breeds and watch their interactions. One on my wish list is the Sussex.

Just now have the SR cornish cross separated from all cockerels Buff Os. The Buffs surprised me by playing "put up your dukes" at three days of age. The cornish cross are too lazy-so far- to show dominance.

Think I'll start a notebook on their behaviors.
cella jane

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One of our daughter's chickens is like that, too. She calls her cloudy - She's a little white auracana, and she'll hop out in front of the kids or me sometimes and squat down with her wings slightly out. The kids call this "in position" and it means she wants to be picked up and cuddled. She also comes up on the porch and peeks in the windows when she wants to talk to us. We just love them.

We have 2 b&w laced Wyandottes now, too, both about 5 months old. They remind me of the dancing ostriches in Fantasia the way they gallop across the yard in tandem trying to scare up bugs.

What exactly do you clip to keep them from flying? You just have to get a few feathers from the inside of one wing, right?

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