Is there such a thing as ornamental mint ????

gardenfreak(7a)May 16, 2007


just cleaned out the area next to my house and was wondering if there is anything like ornamental mint (non edible) or is every mint edible ?

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Pineapple mint is very pretty, with it's variegation, and it's edible. All mints are edible as far as I can think of, but there are plants in the mint family that aren't.

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The nearest thing to ornamental among the mints is probably Eau-de-Cologne mint, and even that is edible if you have somewhat sophisticated (call it weird) taste-buds. It is really bitter (and it really does smell like Eau-de-Cologne).

You're taking your life in your hands (pretty much) if you eat Pennyroyal. It used to be called 'edible' but it's definitely NOT recommended for internal use. It can kill you.

Corsican Mint is usually considered non-edible - one for sophisticated tastes only.

Not all members of the Lamiaceae family, to which mint belongs, are edible.

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Thanks. I will try to take a picture tomorrow and post it. I crushed the leaves between my fingers and smells pretty minty. Was also thinking about using it as a companion plant to some other plants for the purpose of controlling pests. I have to look that up.

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jannie(z7 LI NY)

I grow orange mint and pineapple mint for their fragrance, not for taste.

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