Hibiscus in a New England garden-questions

Thomas_NH(z5 New England)August 4, 2005

I am a New England gardener and love hibiscus in the garden. There are so many different kinds of hibiscus. Is the major division for us: hibiscus as woody plants like Rose of Sharon and hibiscus as perennial that dies to the ground like 'Lord Baltimore'??? let me know. I am a newbie with hibiscus but like them.

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I think rose of sharon does not die to ground in fall, (I could be wrong on that, I don't have one, yet) but hardy hibiscus do die to the ground and rise late in the spring to flourish from the roots.

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ShirleyD(z4b WI)

I have a blue satin rose of sharon. I cut it back to about 6 inches in the fall and mulch it heavily with straw. It comes back beautifully (it emerges late in the spring - one of the last things to appear for me) and is loaded with flowers this year. I fertilize it every two-three weeks with MiracleGro. Some people around here don't cut theirs back and I don't think they look as nice - the flowers seem to be "lost" in all the foliage!

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I took my 4y/o grand daughter to Home Depot last Sept and was so impressed with a Luna Blush P. Hibiscus I had to get it for her patch (mostly Mini Roses and knock Outs) in my gardens. Luna Blush gave her a bloom a day through the first frost - we did not cut it back, just covered with dried oak leaves for Winter nap! As expected she is a late comer and now she is 2X2 ft tall & spread with loads of buds (I hope I don't jinx her!) my g-daughter is so excited and can't wait to see if by Mon, when she comes, some buds would open.

Her tag said hardy and compact, no pinching nor staking but no word on cutting back for Z5 Winter rest, should we do it?

Appreciate your ideas and thoughts!


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