Deer Fencing - New 8' or Interior 4'

beartoothwebMay 19, 2014

I have about 4.5 acres we want to enclose (tired of feeding the deer our home and garden materials (aspen, pine, everything else). I want to enclose the whole property.

I already have a 4' wire fence around the whole place, other than the driveway entrance. I know I need to install some sort of gate for that of 8'.

I've read that 8' is minimum for white tail (we have those and mule deer), but in some cases, 2 fences of 4' that are 3-4' apart will act as a deterrant equally. This would be a cheaper and easier option I think, so I'm exploring it.

I'm planning on doing the black poly fencing with t-posts. I could do 5'-6' posts and 5' fencing a few feet inside the current fence, or just do 10' T posts and 8' fence.

Any experience on this procedure? The area in question is in the field for the most part, so mowing isn't a problem, just trying to make the best decision. I'd like for it to be economical (as possible), and also be somewhat transparent.


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Wise choice would be spend the money now for an 8' fence. Instead of wishing you had later. Deer are wise and will soon learn that it only takes two hops instead of one to get onto your property.

I use to have a video of some deer that would turn completely sideways in mid flight and go through two strands of barb wire on a barbed wire fence.

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