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hehasrisenndeedMay 30, 2011

Hey everyone. My name is Ashley. im 25, married for 7 years, & have young 2 boys. We are currently in NC. My family is ready for a change. Since I was a little girl all I ever wanted was a farm of very own. Im not asking for much. I just dont know where to start :( Our main concern is making sure we find a place with good schools for children with special needs, and that we are in the US. How do I start my search? I dont even know why type of land I need. I know I want to grow fruits, veg, and christmas trees :) Sure I sound crazy, but im at a point in my life where I need to be happy and this is all I have ever wanted. To be honest I would love to learn what it takes to have cows. Any advice for a closetcountrygirl? Thanks

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North Carolina is a great place to be already--good climate with no extremes. If you are in the Lowlands, you could move west a bit--the elevation will cool things down. I loved Western North Carolina when I lived there. You are pretty general in your stated wants. Try to be more specific. You may have to do some reading at the local library or search online. The Midwest probably has the best soils--you could try Wisconsin or even Michigan for your desire to grow Christmas trees or fruit, but the winters there will be tougher than you have now. Give us more specifics as to what you want in climate and crops. Do you want livestock? You mention learning to raise cattle. You might want to try something smaller and cheaper before you jump into "large" livestock.

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Where are you located in North Carolina? I have been in NC for 5 years this time (second tour here) and can help with locations in NC that may be what you are looking for. I am not a real estate agent just another person doing a lot of research. Plus I have a slew of books I can share with you. If you are close to Raliegh ther is a farm tour April 27th and 28th, 2013 that goes from 1-4 each day and is ($25 I think) You can tour as many farms as your family can handle in your personal vehicle. We have gone twice and loved it both times! Google: Piedmont Farm Tour. Feel free to email me at

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