Hibiscus Seeds

ncsucarrieAugust 24, 2007

Hi All,

I'm relatively new to hibiscus plants, although I know enough to know they are neat plants. But I recently recieved a cutting from a hibiscus that is a bunch of seed pods that are already broken open and have seeds inside. I was trying to research this some on my own and it seems like most of you plant seeds in March or so. Would it be inadvisable to plant them now? If we did plant them now would be wise to "nurse" them indoors over the winter if they make little seedlings ? Or would it just make better sense just to wait till March. I didn't see anywhere where the seeds needed to be "cold" to germinate. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Any advice would be appreciated!

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I've started 4 plants from seed. One is about 3 years old now and blooming like crazy this year. Each time I took the seeds and kept them in the house until spring. None of my seeds were ever cold. They emerge very late in the spring, and I had given up on the two I started last spring, and then up they came, and one has started blooming. I have started mine later than march every year, so I don't usually get blooms the first year. Good luck, they are wonderful plants.

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