Dividing hibiscus in Zone 4

dianasan(z5a Mtl)August 12, 2011

When would be the best time to divide my hardy hibiscus - when it has finished blooming in late summer, in the fall or in early spring as it's sprouting?

I started them from seed indoors in early 2009 and this is their 2nd year blooming. They are a very nice size and loaded with buds and I would like to share them with family.


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donna_jj(5b Montreal QC)

I have many hardy hibs and have always been able to divide them successfully in the spring. Late summer and autumn digging up and dividing have always been iffy in the success department. For a spring division, make sure you leave some of the stalks overwinter so you know where the plant is in the spring. I have divided mine as early as the end of April in a warm year, and divide the root ball, replant with a nice helping of compost and they do wonderfully well in their new homes.
Hope this helps.

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dianasan(z5a Mtl)

Sounds good. Thanks, donna

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Give them pruning-cuttings it will make your plant more compact and at the same time provide starts for your family.

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