goats and new neighbors

lindamarieMay 5, 2013

I have lived here with my goat friends over 10 years. The people we bought our house and 10 acres from sold the rest of thier 17 acres divide up between a few people who added property to the back of thiers. That was not offered to me. So I have new neighbors who bought property next to and behind me. Supposedly, they plan to build a house next to mine. Meanwhile they are parting in the barn behind my property. I have seen many cars going in and out driving along side and behind my property. They have bonfires and shoot guns. Sometimes I see cars there all night, like they are living there.

All this would not be allowed in NY, where I am from. This in in MS.

Now there has been a issue because my goats have gone over or through the fence a couple of times.

He said he is trying to be a good neighbor, but he is planting a garden back there and is afraid the goats will eat it. I told him I have seen a herd of deer on that road and property and he needs a fence or electric.
SO today when I went to feed the goats at dinner time 5 does and thier kids were not there. I called and whistled. Sent hubby to look next door. I drove around in the car. Then hubby called the sheriff. 2 hrs later he was told the neighbor had them picked up. 3 1/2 hrs and $100 later we had them loaded up and headed home.

My question was why didn't they call me or open the gate and let them back in?

Now we have a plan to refence the back pasture with cattle panels. Something we reaally cann not afford or physically easily do.
And have decided Ben is not really trying to be a nice neighbor

What am I missing here?

I was very upset not knowing where my girls and kids were.
And it was suggested he may take me to court.

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How many times have your goats been on his property? A good neighbor makes sure their animals stay home.He might have been tired of bring your goats home so called law enforcement for a paper trail.

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