Can you help me ?

hank2230(z5 Canton, Ohio)August 31, 2009

I have a dozen perennial hibiscus about 2 years old now. I got them from someone gave me some roots or starters.

Now my question:

The flowers are now begining to fall off and the place where the flower was now has a football shaped "nodule" about as big as my thumbs first knuckle. From what I am reading these nodules should turn brown and then open up. Mine are very green and not getting brown but they are opening and I can never find any seeds under the plants.

I have tied plastic bags around several of these nodules, and hopefully may catch some seeds when the nodule bursts. I have opened up some of the large ones still attached to the plants and there are about 6-10 little white balls which I assume is the seed.

Can anyone advise me as to why the nodules open with no warning. Thank you very much for any advice.

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they will gradually turn brown then open. if they are still green then they arent matured yet. i wouldnt put a plastic bag around them. Use cheese cloth. But you should have plenty on your plant that u will have enough to get them as they mature. it takes about 6-8 weeks for a pod to mature after its been pollinated. some longer.

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hank2230(z5 Canton, Ohio)

Thanks sb91, I am new to hibiscus and was afraid I would not get any seeds. About a week ago I took about 20 pods and saved them in an open air container, the pods and the seeds have turned black and I now agree with you, the pods on the trees/bushes are still growing so I may have lots of seeds. Thanks. hank2230

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