Hibiscus seeds?

greattigerdane(z5NY)August 17, 2006

Where and when might I find seeds on my Rose of Sharon? I have looked in the fall a couple of times, but haven't seen anything.



Here is a link that might be useful: My Rose Of Sharon

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After it blooms and the blooms fall off, a little pod will start forming. The reason that you may not find seeds is that most need to be crossed with another rose of sharon. I only have one confederate rose of sharon and it does not produce seed pods because it can not cross with another rose of sharon. Mine will this year though because I added another one and a couple of other colors of rose of sharon. If you want seeds get another rose of sharon so it can cross pollinate. Hope this helps!

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Thanks Mike!

Great information! Yes, I plan on getting a few more of them in the future, but, will another Rose Of Sharon with let's say blue flowers, make any seeds that appear on my dark pink one, grow an entirely different color of flowers? Or, will it be one, or the other color?


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I will tell you, Mike is 100% correct. Warning though: At my old house, we had about 10 different Rose of Sharon plants that had gotten about... 10 feet tall for privacy in our pool. The flowers on them were great, but they cross pollenated and would drop literly thousands of seeds. It is a pain to try and get all of the seedlings out. My suggestion is if you don't want that problem happening, dead head a lot of the flowers after they have bloomed. Trust me, you'll be happy you did. You can usually get roughly 10 seeds a pod.. maybe even more... and if you think of all the flowers on the one rose of sharron you have, multiply that by two and then by 10 and you'll see that there are going to be a large amount of seeds. Perhaps a neighbor has a Rose of Sharron and you can cross pollenate from theirs and get seeds that way. Just watch out though because soon it will go from a nice plant to a pain in the back!


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Thanks for all the information Matt!

I have heard they can throw seeds everywhere, so dead-heading will be something I'll have to do in the future!
I know about pulling out LOTS of seedlings. I have pulled out hundreds of maple seedlings, they root everywhere, a real pain!
It's a constant battle since we have 7 maple trees around the property.
At least I'll be conditioned!

Billy Rae

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haha Billy... if the Rose of Sharron that you'll be putting in are anything like the ones I had, you're going to wish it was just the maple seedlings you were going after. Although, the RS seedlings were nothing compared to this tree we had... all over the yard the trees would pop up growing up from whatever tree it was... I'd spend days out there with a hatchet trying to get them out and a few weeks later they would be back.

I heard though, with RS if in the beginning of the season, you put some plastic wrap a few inches above the ground all where you have the RS planted, it will make the seeds sprout sooner so you can take them out sooner. If you don't have any other flowers or plants around the RS, you may be able to use Round Up on the seedlings.

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I had heard that only the single flowers put out a ton of seeds and that the double and triple flowers were mostly sterile? Is that wrong info?

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I have no clue... I just know that we had some that had grown to about 10-15 feet tall and had a ton of flowers and then dropped a ton of seeds. I don't know what types we had though

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