A Homestead in the Middle of Nowhere

MiddleOfNowhereJune 1, 2013

Hi All,

New to this forum. My partner and I are seriously consider buying a "big plot of land out in the middle of nowhere." We're city people by circumstance, but not by heart. Our goal is to have a piece of land big enough that we can't see our neighbors. We are still in the dreaming stage, but we're putting together a budget. We would like to be able to "homestead" as I've heard it said on this site, or even farm sustainably. I'm bringing along an organic farmer for good measure.

We plan to live simply. So far, besides isolation, we would like to get a plot of land with its own water supply. Other than that, we're pretty open to different climates or locations. I was hoping the members of this forum might share their opinion on where or how to begin our search. Colorado would be nice, but we're worried that land may already be too expensive for us to get the size plot we're after (40+ acres).

Thanks for any input you can share!


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donna_h(Zone 4-b)

Hi Pink,

You will likely find the most reasonable land prices in the midwest...places like Iowa, Missouri, northern Arkansas, central-southern Illinois, etc. Those places also have abundant ground water and reasonable weather. Steer clear of Minnesota, North Dakota or Wisconsin as their winters can be brutally cold and snowy. Likewise, unless you like really "sultry" summers and hurricane weather, cross the south off your list.

Colorado was always on my list of places I'd like to live, but you're correct about expense...like California, it can be pricey in SO many ways :) (I'm a high-desert gal myself, but stuck in central Wisconsin...ughh!)

You will also want a place that includes flat, tillable land (for growing food crops)...perhaps with a good woodlot (that can be managed as a fuel source) and some pasture for a few animals or a fruit orchard in the future. A stream running through the property would be especially desirable, but certainly not necessary if you have a good well.

Consider alternate energy sources in addition to constructing as close to a "zero-energy" home as possible. Utility prices just keep going up and this affords you REAL independence in the face of being tied to the 'grid'. In this event, you will want to 'site' your home properly. Land that contains lots of large trees may be lovely, but won't help if you're planning to install an active or passive solar setup.

You didn't say anything about funding your endeavor, so if you need to work outside of your homestead, make sure you factor that in.

Once you've narrowed down your states, you may want to check out the forums at City-Data. People there will give you their brutally honest opinion of anywhere you are thinking of relocating. Most important is that "seeing" a piece of property is one thing, but "walking" the land is another. If it feels 'right' under your feet, buy it.

Sorry to ramble...just thinking back to all the things I wish we'd done before we got too old. And yes...we actually own every copy of Mother Earth News, including #1.

Best wishes on your search.


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zzackey(8b GA)

We live in Georgia. The 4th state I have lived in. The cheapest ever. We don't pay school taxes in our county. I always hated that, I never had kids. We only pay 40 bucks for our annual property taxes because my husband is a senior. We get once a week trash pickup, almost weekly grading of our dirt road and almost weekly mosquito spraying. I wish we were a little farther out. Things have gotten noiser since we moved here 7 years ago.

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zzackey(8b GA)

And the water tastes good here.In this part of Georgia, the people are extremely friendly to strangers, even Yankees. That was a huge problem when we lived in Florida. Good luck where ever you decide to move.

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