Bringing My Dream Homestead Down To Reality. HELP!

livingthetruthJune 4, 2009


*I am searching for the land on which to situate my homestead.

*I've never gone Land shopping before, so I'm searching for answers and advice.

*I'd ideally have semi-fertile soil, some wooded area, a source of water(a well would work alright but I'd prefer a living water source like a stream/river) & NO house already on the property.

*I hope to one day to be 100% self-sufficient, therefor I would eventually owe only property taxes and although I will sell surplus to a farmers market, I'd like to have relatively low property taxes, so as to minimize my dealings with money. (dont be slow to believe this is a possible goal because I've researched it long and hard and i know how to grow, spin and weave my own cloths, save seeds, ect already.)

*I really love central Texas but I'd be willing to move anywhere as long as I can reach my goals of self-sufficiency there.

*I read A LOT, so ideally my land would be within a one days bike pilgrimage(there and back) of a good public library. Of course, I'd be willing to give up this goal in favor of a better piece of land.

If you have any questions, comments or answers for me then I'd absolutely LOVE to hear them.

Thank You all so much!

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miscindy(5 SW MI)

Oh, I'm sorry to say that piece of land has been sold--I bought it in April! :) The only difference between what you describe as ideal land and mine is that the creek isn't on my property, but a short distance away, accessable by State land.

Your plans are more self-sufficient than mine, but I think we'll be starting out down the same path for a while. You can follow my family's progress on my blog.

You can find a great piece of land! We looked for quite awhile and found a good deal on ours because the previous owners had trash piles all over it. It's been a lot of work, but will be gorgeous once the last of 3 20cu yd dumpsters is removed on Tuesday!

Here is a link that might be useful: My blog

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