Staying with the Amish

prairiegirl00(z6 MO)June 25, 2005

I received an email from a lady awhile ago - can't remember what the subject was and she said that she at one point was able to stay with an Amish family for 4 months. How does one go about staying with an Amish family if you're not neighbors or friends. I do not personally know any Amish- we have Amish communities within 2 and 3 hours of us but I would love to be able to stay with a family for a week or two to learn from them. Thanks!

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

I wonder if you might check something like this out through the amish churches...

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Perhaps you could contact The Budget in Sugar Creek, Ohio, which is a newspaper published generally for plain people like Amish and Mennonites. They might be able to give you hints or perhaps you could place a classified ad stating your inquiry.

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Pooh Bear

I might just be imagining this,
but I think I remember seeing something about this years ago.
It was offered as a package thru a travel agency.
I could be totally wrong about this.
But it mite be worth checking out.

Pooh Bear

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gran2(z5 INDIANA)

Do you have an Amish community near you? How about posting an inquiry card at the local Amish grocery? Our daughter has several Amish friends. I somehow can't imagine this being possible without some severe guidlines. True, we've learned a lot just from a casual acquaintance. There's a wealth of knowledge there. Will you share with us if you finally make it happen???

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prairiegirl00(z6 MO)

I will do some checking into this. I will definitely post a message with whatever information I am allowed to give out if it does happen. Thanks to everyone.

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gran2(z5 INDIANA)

Asked my daughter (the one with Amish friends) and she said "hardly likely" but then there are many groups of Amish, all with different disciplines. Go for the more permissive. Good luck

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