need help identifying hibiscus

astaSeptember 6, 2007


i and new to the hibiscus hobby 3 years ago me and the wife bought 3 Perennial plants from a local nurshery which is no longer in buisness... i am trying to find out what species my plants are they grow about a foot in highth and a foot wide the flower and leaves are close to the Hibiscus grandiflora my niehboors keep asking me what they are and all i can say is they are a hibiscus and this year i have added these as well

Hibiscus coccineus - texas star


HIBISCUS MOSCHEUTOS - flare red river

Hibiscus moscheutos - Lady Baltimore

Hibiscus syriacus - Rose of Sharon

please help

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here are the website address where the photos can be viewed

you may have to copy and paste

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