Tropical Hibiscus Root Rot

tsmith2579(7B)September 2, 2006

Every autumn I put my tropical hibiscus in the greenhouse for the winter. By Spring, I have lost one or two plants due to root rot. Some plants like lots of water and others like little water. It is hard to water them indivually in the crowded greenhouse. Can anyone recommend an anti-fungal root treatment which will help prevent root rot?

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

No treatment can stop root rot if the conditions for the problem exist.

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i just learned this recently in preventing fungus and root rot in cuttings being grown in oasis cubes. add one tablesppon of bleach to water and drench the cubes at least once a week. alternate with 50/50 peroxide solution.
also was told that if a potted plant appears to be wilting and the soil is wet, may be root rot so dunk the entire pot in the bleach solution for a few minutes to kill the fungus and then let it run out. many plants have been salvaged this way.
hope this helps.

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

I did the bleach treatment on one of my hibiscus that got rot so bad, it lost all it's leaves and took about 3 months to start growing them again. It did work, the plant is recovering nicely.

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I've used the bleach in the past to treat for root rot. I hoped there was a better solution, perhaps a product made just for this purpose. Thanks for your help.

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rjj1(Norman OK Zone7)

Root rot in my opinion usually means lack of drainage, compacted, or low quality soil. A free draining, airy mix doesn't hold excess water around cold, slow responding roots and keeps plants happier no matter what time of year.

I may have to water more frequently than others during our hot summers, but I don't loose plants to rot even this time of year with cool nights and frequent rains.


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