New Zuchinni Recipe

Deborah-SC(8a)May 29, 2012

I'm going to try the following recipe tonight. I think my family is getting tired of roasted zucs. It sounds yummy! I gotta admit I think I'm hooked on veggie gardening -- nothing like cooking food that I've grown!

Here is a link that might be useful: Italian Zucchini Boats

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This was good -- a bit bland for our tastes. I think next time I will add cooked hot sausage to the stuffing mix & then with a salad - a complete meal! A reviewer also said she freezes these for winter. She pops them out of the freezer straight into the oven.

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It's also really good if you sub cooked rice or orzo for the breadcrumbs, and add a teaspoon of dried Italian Seasoning Blend.


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My new zuccini recipe is fritters - yummy!! They were good with with just shredded zuccini and onion, with a free range egg and jiffy cornmeal mix. Sooooo..... now it is time to experiment. Think I'll add some of my bannana pepper (as they are the first peppers of the season in my garden), maybe some shredded chicken and whatever else comes to mind.

I found okra fritters on the cooking channel website and they sound delicious also. My concern is that I usually don't do much frying as I'm trying to lose weight. Anyone have suggestions for fritters without all the oil?

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Thanks Steve -- that sounds right up my alley!

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mellyofthesouth(9a FL)

We make a zucchini pancake recipe from one of the moosewood cookbooks. It has shredded zucchini, onion, feta cheese, and mint. Eggs are separated and the whites are whipped. It has a little bit of flour. It really isn't that much work and is yummy.

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mellyofthesouth(9a FL)

I made okra fritters in a non-stick pan with just a little oil. I added a little extra buttermilk and flattened them to be more like a thick pancake.

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

I make baked zucchini sticks (or rounds).
Dip in egg, then in seasoned panko/parmesean/herb crumbs.
Bake on cookie sheet at about 375 until lightly browned.
These have replaced Fried Zucchini at our house since they're so much lower in fat.

We also like zucchini grilled. Just toss 1/2" slices with olive oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper and grill on hot grill. Just a couple of minutes on each side to get nice grill marks and carmelize the outside. Center should be just tender crisp.


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wertach zone 7-B SC

This has got me to thinking, probably the wrong way! I wonder how zucchini or okra waffles would turn out?

Any recipes?

I can't handle all of that grease that they soak up with the frying. Tummy problems. That is why I no longer eat pancakes, just waffles.

Maybe a spritz of oil on the waffle iron? Sounds like a project for this weekend since I have zucchini running out of the yin-yang now!

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Thanks for the ideas y'all! I'm going to try adding some cooked hot sausage to the stuffing on our leftover "boats" tonight. Supper!

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OK, I experimented with some of the ideas this evening. Here are my thoughts. I did not like finely chopped zuc in the patties, shredded was better. The cheese was not something I would put in again. The eggs were seperated and the whites whipped. Not sure it helped. Bananna pepper was too strong -it overwhelmed the zucs. Butter milk was good, but the batter was too thin.

Frying thin pancakes was terrible - they became very greasy and were given to the dogs. Frying on one side, then flipping onto a nonstick pan to finish was a little better. The thin pancakes were best without any oil at all. Unfortunately, they were not as tasty as my original fritters. It did not work in the waffle iron for me, too thin and stuck even though I had sprayed it. Taste was fine though, but needed topping of some sort.

Long story short, more experimentation is necessary for a tasty, low oil fritter.

Fast snack.... Just slice some zuccini rings, top with salsa or fresh tomatos and then cheese, cook in microwave for two or three minutes. Yummmm

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

Yes, shredded is better!
What kind of cheese did you use? I like parmesean with zucchini, but it needs to be the powdered stuff in the green can. :) NOT what I'd normally use for parm, but in this case, it works.

Thicken the batter a bit with some flour?
I wonder if you could pour the batter onto a cookie sheet and bake like a thin quiche, cut into squares for serving instead of frying,
Sour cream on top??

I'm hoping you come up with a winner here, can you tell?


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Consider this a second recommendation for the zucchini pancake recipe from Moosewood. I love that recipe, but do think it is a bit of work.

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So I had a birthday this week, and treated myself to a Big Boss oil-less fryer. First I experimented with chicken. Not all recipes were winners (I tried four different crusts on cut up pieces of two chicken breasts), but the results were definately promiseing.

Of course, I could hardly wait to try my zucchini fritter this way, just with a spritz of olive oil over the top for browning. But when I opened the frig, there was this beautiful cucumber calling my name. So I used half each of a shreded zucchini, cucumber and minced onion, along with a free range egg and some jiffy corn meal mix, salt and pepper.

Unfortunately, only five fritters would fit in the cooker's basket at one time, and I cooked them 10 minutes on each side. Not real practical, it didn't use half of my mixture and took too long. Cleanup was a bummer for so little also. But I did enjoy the fritters with a little sour cream on the side. Can't complain about the results.

Well, I had plenty of batter left, so I put it in a buttered baking dish and put in the fryer with a spritz of oil on top for browning and cooked for 15 minutes. It was basically the same, only one large fritter that had to be spooned out of the dish. I ate every bite of it and will make it again. Cleanup was easy, and preparation also. I don't think I will make those oiley fritters anymore on the stovetop......

I sure can't guarantee everyone would like this, or tell how it would turn out baked in an oven. For me, this definately was success and a new zucchini recipe (and cucumber).

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