Genovese Basil Sprouts

rocktrnsMay 8, 2010

Ok about 4 days ago i planted some Genovese Basil Seeds,and now there sprouting. I realized that I have at least 50 sprouts,but i want to keep them all I tried transplanting 2 sprouts but the leaves just broke off so should I wait until they get bigger? I'm Planning on buying about 12 plastic plant pots and some dirt and then when they get bigger I will transplant atleast 2-3 sprouts per pot please tell me the next step I need to take. They are very crowded and I'm worried the crowdedness will stunt there growth when will be the right time to transplant the sprouts to there own containers?

HERE Are some Pictures

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Based on your pictures, I would definitely wait until they get their first real leaves. They don't look too crowded from the pics. They can go a bit longer before it being a problem.

Congratulations on all your little babies! :)


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I agree with Erin. What you've got now is the cotyledons. Before you can handle those babies to transplant them they should have some true leaves. Actually, it's sometimes better for the little plants to just thin them. (I know it's hard, and I always feel a bit like a murderer when I do it...) Basil grows so quickly that you might want to consider getting your pots now and just planting your seeds directly into those pots. Put 1 or 2 seeds in each area where you want a plant, and thin the weaker one out. Good luck!

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