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cassieinmass(6)May 9, 2009

I found some catnip I had planted seeds of that I forgot I planted. Well, I cut about 8 inches off each one (1/3 of the plant) and brought them into my 4 cats. They were interested in it, but not like they are with the dried stuff. My question is, when its dried does the flavor get more concentrated? Or is it possibly just a texture thing the cats like? -Cassie

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Some herbs become more 'concentrated' once dried. Catnip is one of these.

Some cats go bananas over catnip, others show no interest in it at all. It may have been just that your cats are used to the dried stuff. With cats, who knows?

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True LOL! My cats are catnip addicts (which is why I planted so much of the stuff LOL!) Ill just start drying the cuttings and give it to them dried. Im going to save a ton of money, im constantly buying them their "fix" lol! They eat the stuff roll around in it, and basically get it everywhere. When you have 4 catnip addicts it gets expensive!! -Cassie

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I find that it depends on the age of the plant(and the cat). Early in the season the essential oils aren't as strong, but later, especially if the plant is in full sun, the oils are very strong and my cats go nuts over the fresh herb. This winter, I ran out of my dried catnip(due to a feline addition to the family), and borrowed some from a neighbor to get us by. The cats were kind of 'eh' about it. Then recently I transplanted a couple of wild 2nd year plants closer to our apartment building, picking off a leaf for each cat(the plants were still quite small). They went nutso and ate the leaves after rolling on them and were looking for more. I think they're spoiled by the fresh stuff.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

My cat only barely notices catnip and then only when it is dried. Fresh is completely ignored.


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My cat loves the fresh "cat grass". Catnip is just so so.

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granite(z6 NC)

Mine love fresh or dried catnip. I bring them in a branch of catnip fresh and they roll and pounce in it. This releases more of the oils and then they eat it.

I usually squeeze the fresh branch a bit before I give it to the kitty to start releasing the scent. The bruised plant is way more fragrant and they go WILD.

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My cat likes dried catnip so I bought some baby plants for outdoors. Trying to keep him interested in the yard, since we just moved to a new place and he prefers the neighbor's yard! He has no interest / reaction to the new plants. I'm hoping maybe when they are older he will?

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Not all cats are affected by catnip. By my experience, fresh/green plants hold the less interest for them than dried plant material.


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