Violet satin ROS arrived broken in middle

butterfly4uSeptember 3, 2007

Hi all!

I received a Violet Satin Rose of Sharon in the mail at the beginning of July.

It was broken in half.

I planted the bottom half, it was small and the bottom half is even smaller, about 6 inches tall now.

It is growing and blooming, but it is getting bushy.

It isn't growing up at all.

Is it permently damaged somehow?

Will it grow taller?

The buds are all at the very top of the little stem.

Not on the little branches, although it doesn't really have many.

I love it, so I guess if it is stunted, I will have a litle bushy Violet ROS. LOL

Has anyone had this happen to one of yours?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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cnetter(z5 Co)

It'll grow taller next year, before it blooms. I'm positive it's not stunted. It just not the right time of year for it to be putting on height.
Is yours blooming true? If so, I'd like to know where you got it from. I've received two Violet Satins through mail order - both of which ended up being the wrong variety once they bloomed.

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Next year when it starts growing again, trim off some of the side branches and limit the growth to one or two upper-center branches. It will put all it's energy into those brances and will get much taller. As it grows, keep the twiggy side branches cut back and you'll have a tree again in a couple years. Don't cut off too many branches at one time, but trim those that would make it look bushy. With enough food and water you can't miss. Cheryl

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Thanks for the response!
cnetter, yes it is true to color. a beautiful violet color.
I bought it and a satin blue which is gorgeous from
Moonshine Designs Nursery. Just put the entire name in your web browser without spaces and it will come up.
They have very good prices also.
They sell many different things.
I can vouge for the quality anyway, the blue is so blue I couldn't believe it.
The UPS probably accidently broke the violet one, but all is not lost.
seamommy, thank you for the advise. I will try that.
I can't beleive the number of flowers on this little thing,
ROS sure are hardy, aren't they?

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