hardy hibiscus in san diego area?

jardinerowaSeptember 12, 2012


In San Diego we have tropical hibiscus that bloom in the winter sporadically. As I'm getting ready to seed plants for the fall/winter down here, I'm wondering if can include hibiscus moscheutos?


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I do not know why you could not as the hardy hibiscus seem to do just fine here in the Texas Houston area. I grow them here without a problem as well as the Confederate Rose Hibiscus, The Texas Red Star Hibiscus and the Rose-of-Sharon.


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And do you get flowers from them in the winter? Thanks.

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The Rose-of-Sharon once they get started bloom until it gets cooler. The Texas Star Hibiscus blooms around July-August, The Confederate Rose Hibiscus starts to bloom when it starts to cool down, in fact mine will be blooming now until it gets too cool but they can grow to 20 feet tall if the weather allows. If not they can be cut back to the ground and will come back the next spring-early summer. All the seeds I have are Texas Star Hibiscus and Confederate Rose Hibiscus. The Confederate Rose Hibiscus has bloomed lightly some times during the spring season, but mostly in the fall.

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Confederate Rose Hibiscus as you can see I did cut this one back to 4 feet the year before. The stick cuttings start just by placing them into a container of water and set them in the shade until they root. Nothing else needed in fact when I cut the branches back I left them on the ground for about a week when I decided to use them as support form my tomatoes. Out of the 24 sticks I now have 3 growing and are just getting ready to bloom. But the water process I seem to get 100 per cent growth.

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