Candy cane hibiscus

bluerose007September 27, 2012

How did i get this coloring on my cream colored hibiscus? The rest of the flowers which bloomed on the same branch were cream colored.

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Awesome! Looks like mother nature may have called in sick that day. Do I see 3 stamens also? Maybe you can attribute it to a biological oddity. Much like the possibility of having triplets. Is it possible? No, but that doesn't rule out that small percentage of possibility. Glad you took a picture, as it is worth a thousand words.

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I didn't notice the three stamens until you pointed them out. It is growing in the same pot as the fuschia colored hibiscus. I hope i get more blooms like this one, but i doubt it.

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Another item of note is it appears that there are only pollen 'sacs'. How unique!

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keep an eye out and see if this happens again on the same branch.

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