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bluerose007September 27, 2012

Can someone pleaseID this tropical Hibiscus. It has huge pom pom orange flowers and lasts a long time on the plant. I am also having a hard time trying to root this one.

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As this doesn't appear to be an obvious cultivar, you may need to look through some of the databases. More specifics about how you got the plant, etc., may help. IHS has a 'huge' database of tropical cultivars, and I do mean huge. But there are some that have not been entered yet. I have a Dupont plant that has yet to be listed. Also the AHS might be of use. I know this is not the answer you want, and hopefully another user may help further.

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I purchased it from a local pepiniere at the end of the season. There were no tags on it and it was the only one. The plant looked different so i brought it home and it blooms all year even in our cold winters. I just put it inside 2 days ago because its getting down to about 7 degrees at night.

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Did you purchase the plant this year? If so email me.

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I have had it for about three years. It was purchased in Montreal at a local garden center.

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