English lavender still looking lackluster

Bee_beeMay 4, 2014


I've had this english lavender since Aug last year. One branch totally dried out and things were browning, about a month after because I wasn't watering it enough. But after more regular watering, seems it stabilized. It was looking somewhat greener this spring with some new leaves sprouting...but when the weather heated up in the recent weeks or so, some leaves started browning (as seen). And overall the plant hasn't really grown much since last year. I see some small buds seem to be growing so overall seems like it is doing ok, but would appreciate any advice on what I can do if any to improve this plant's condition (should I move it to an area with less intense sun? right now the pot is facing south east). thank you very much. (picture attached)

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Is that the potting soil/pot you originally bought it in?

I would go ahead and move it. Although many plants are described as sun-loving and drought-tolerant, that usually refers to mature plants (notice the small print that says "once established"). The same plants in pots need additional care from the plants in the ground.

And then finally, there's nothing wrong with helping a plant that, while it may normally love sun, is definitely having some kind of heat/water retention issues, by putting it in some cooler temp area until it recovers. Even when we are sick, we want some TLC too!

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Hard to say from a picture, but the soil looks parched. Is it as dry as it looks? Water may still be a problem for you.

I would personally use a looser soil mix....something very well draining and try watering a little more.


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Hi, thank you for the feedback. The pot is an 8 inch clay pot, so water seeps out pretty easily...do you think it's still too small? The soil is the potting mix from local nursery which I put in last year and have not changed (do you think any need to change?) . I will go ahead and put in a shadier location and water more and more often.

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