Is this 'Peachblow'?

decompost(z8 NC)September 26, 2006

. . . or what??

I'd really love to get an accurate ID tag hung on her.

I know it is an "old/heirloom" variety.

I took the original cutting in Florida over 20 yrs ago,

from what was (even then) an old, established plant.

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It could be Jane Cowel, which is a commonly available "garden variety" hibiscus. I have one but mine is a little less red and more orangey than yours.

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decompost(z8 NC)

Thank you so much for your reply,
Jane Cowel does seem to be a likely candidate,
though as you've said, this one is a rather pinky-orange.

In the right bottom corner of the photo, you can just see
the back of a flower from another shrub,
that one is truly and clearly orange, by comparison.

I suppose this one could be a variant that the bees had a "hand" in,
many years ago?

I was curious about 'Peachblow',
as I have found descriptions which sounded promising,
but have found no photos to compare.

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Here's a link to a photo of Peach Blow. Hope it works.

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rjj1(Norman OK Zone7)

That link didn't work for me. How about this one?

You might google it and see what you find.


Here is a link that might be useful: peachblow

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decompost(z8 NC)

Thank you both for your help.
I was not very successful in my original search efforts,
so these two examples are very much appreciated.

I did find Maui Mike's image from the link in gardeniarose's post, click here.

The difference in color between these two examples of 'Peachblow' is notable,
'tho, of course, many factors can affect the appearance of a photograph.
In fact, I would say that the flowers on my plant ARE somewhat more orange-y
than it would seem from my photo, yet there is a distinctly rosy undertone.

I feel that I can see that in Maui Mike's photo as well,
and this last photo, seems almost pastel pink, by comparison, to my eye.

They do both resemble my flower in the "tossled" appearance of the petal arrangement.

Ultimately, I'm still not certain whether I have 'Jane Cowel' or 'Peachblow',
but I expect it must be one of the two,
I guess I'll just have to hang a big enough tag to accomodate both names and a "?". *LOL*

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decom...I wonder if nutrients in the soil can affect the depth of color of blooms. Or even differences in watering frequency. I notice that sometimes after too much rain or the opposite, my Jane Cowel will put out blooms that are very pale and small. Kind of like it force-bloomed due to stress. So maybe maybe different levels of nutrients can affect color too. Another thing you can try is count the number of petals on your flowers. Then see if you can find info on the web to ID it. There are single flowers which have 5 petals, then semi-doubles, full doubles and everything inbetween.

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