How far between posts for barb wire

Pooh BearJune 15, 2005

My neighbor raises cows.

His cows cross one side of our property to get to the river.

There is a fenced corridor for the cows to the river.

My neighbor has an electric fence down both sides.

Today I put a "gate" in the fence.

I cut a section out of the fence.

I put two T posts up at both sides of my "gate".

I put some insulated T Post thingys on both T posts.

And I attached the fence at each side of my "gate" opening.

Next I got another strand of barb wire and two of those handle thingys

And put a handle on each end. And I stretched it between

the two T posts. So basically it is the same as before

except now it has two T posts and a removable section.

But between the two T posts is a distance of about 30 feet.

There were two rebar posts in that section.

Now it is just a section of wire pulled tight.

Is it ok to have a clear section of fence that far.

It doesn't sag any. But I don't won't the cows getting out.

It is an electric fence so I think they will avoid it.

I will have my neighbor check it over to make sure I did it right.

He would have helped me with it today but he was mowing and

I didn't want to both him with something I could do myself.

I could put the rebar posts back in if it were too much distance.

But I would like to leave them out so I can mow thru there easier.


Pooh Bear

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Pooh Bear

I meant to post this in a different forum.
I reposted it there and got answers.


Pooh Bear

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