Transplanting hibiscus

genes(Zone6 NS Canada)September 26, 2007

The previous owners of our house planted 3 hibiscus bushes together about 1-2 ft apart. They are well established, each has multiple stems (stalks) and they are about 8-9ft tall. The stalks would be about an inch in diameter. Two of the bushes are of one variety (pink double blossom) and the third on the end away from the sun is a plate variety blush in color(off white) with a strawberry jam colored eye.

I would like to move this off white bush to another location with more sun. I am afraid it is getting overcrowded and will soon be lost regardless if I move it or not. I would like to try. Any suggestions as to how much I should cut back and I would try to be very careful in trying not to disturb the one next to it any more than I can. It is just about finished blooming. Are the roots normally deep with a tap root or are they near the surface???

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