best time to transplant hibiscus

nitak(z5 MI)September 29, 2008


I bought a hibiscus plant which was small back in April when I planted it, now it is almost 3x it's size and I will need to move it. Is it best to move in the spring or should I move it now? I love the plant, never had luck with one before so I don't want to lose this one!

Thanks for your help!

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beachbarbie(z9a/8b NC)

I'm assuming you're talking aobut a hibiscus that's hardy where you are, not a tropical hibiscus (H. rosa sinensis) or something like that.
As far as I know, the time to transplant is when the plant is dormant. So, for a hibiscus that dies back, anytime after that. For a Rose of Sharon, anytime between now and early spring.
Although, since you ground freezes, I'd go with whenever the best time to plant a tree is - now and then in the Spring?
Not sure if it helps, but that's my two cents.....

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