How did the old timers make it?

keepitlow(6)July 1, 2009

Just started to grow my own these last 2 years. This year found out how many fruit trees only produce every other year so they can recover. How did the old timers make it with fruit every other year?

Most of my apples produced little or none, no peaches, no nectarines this year. Same thing with the semi wild / abandoned apple trees...all bare. Nature sucks sometimes.

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They probably had a large variety of different trees so something was bearing at all times (each year). They supplemented with growing a lot of berries that produce every year. Have you thought about getting blackberry, cherry, blueberry, gooseberry? That might aid in having more variety and filling in for the "lean times".

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There also the annual fruits that can help to fill in the blanks. Melons of course, but mostly I meant things like ground cherries and garden huckleberries.

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