goat milk soap

katiegirlJuly 9, 2008

Im useing a M&P for the first time and was wondering if I am able to use fresh goats milk as a additive and if so how much?

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Well, to be honest, M&P soaps are not the same as real, natural handmade soap. You don't know what is in it or if the glycerin has been removed, and chemicals added for hardening, sudsing, etc.

I teach soap making and have receips and directions for making it from scratch, yourself, using a blender. It's not difficult but it does take weeks to set.

To say a soap is made with goat's milk, you may have to actually make the soap with goat's milk. However, you can always say it's so and so soap with goat's milk added.

As for how much to use, how big is the block of M&P soap that you are using for this?

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What is M&P soap?

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M&P - melt and pour soap. Premaid base of soap - you just melt it and add extra additives (botanicals, clays, milk)if you want.

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