My hibiscus is sick! Help!

torontogalSeptember 30, 2013


I received this braided yellow hibiscus tree as a birthday gift one month ago, it was full and beautiful when I got it. It came from a green house that specialized in tropical plants. The first day the leaves started yellowing and falling off. I have it indoors as we've had frost over night in a west facing window which is very warm area (23-27 C). It has still flowered from the buds that were on there and only one bud has drop before flowering. I have sprayed it with Green Earth Insecticidal Soap 4 times and sprayed each leaf and stem and hand cleaned everything with a mix between alcohol, water and dish soap. I don't see any bugs but I don't know what else it could be. The leaves have little black dots on them (both the yellow ones and the green ones). Some of them turn brown at the edges and some of them curl up like they are burnt, not all do this though. Help! I want to save it but not infect my other house plants! What else can I do, and what on earth is it?

Thank you everyone!

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What were you trying to clean off or what were you trying to kill? Did the leaves started to drop after or before you applied the insecticidal soaps?

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I had seen little webs around the buds but now from te cleaning they are gone. I had also just assumed it was sick because of the leaf loss and the way they looked. Do you think this is just normal stress from changing location at a greenhouse to my house? Are those black dots normal?

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Is it sitting in water? How often do you water it? Prop the inside pot on a brick, or something like that so that it does not sit in water. Hibiscus do not like to be wet.
They will shed leaves due to humidity changes, over watering .

Did you repot it?

Most often in winter, a good washing of leaves is enough. I have them in small pots, so it is easy for me. Cover the soil and pot with plastic( put them in a plastic bag ) & then use a hose or hand shower to give the leaves a good spray.

keep us posted on its condition.

Good luck.

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It isn't sitting in water. I water it about once a week depending on how dry the soil is. It never sits in water, the pot inside is a bit raised from the decorative pot so it would drain out (then I'd dump it). The humidity would've decreased from greenhouse to my house, could that be it? I didn't repot it, no. Are these black dots normal?

When you give it a shower, how do you keep the bag from staying on in your shower without the soil getting wet?

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You see, my plants are small, hence I can just tip the pot and shower the plants.
Alternatively, take a wet paper towel & wipe upper & lower parts of leaves.
Here is a good link to explain the black spots.

Here is a link that might be useful: black spots - cosmetic damage in hibsicus

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