'Best places to live' part B.

WacoJohn(8a)July 14, 2004

The room was filled for responses on the "Best Places" posting and so this is a post for continued responses to the paraphrased question of "Where do the posters feel the best place is to live and why?" I have enjoyed everyone's responses. Keep 'em coming.

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gradymom(z5/6 MD)

We live in western Maryland (Allegany County) which is a beautiful area, decent weather (not the humidity of the coast). Gorgeous fall color and can't complain about the winters. Prices for property are not out of line, close to W. Virginia and PA. Wonderful fishing, lots of nature around.

Downsides, depressed economically, little to no "culture" nearby (must commute 2+ hours to D.C., Pittsburgh or Baltimore) , dismal shopping (thank god for the internet and great auctions) unless you have a thing for "Dollar" stores (probably more here per capita than any other area).

Seems to me this would be an ideal area for "organic farming" or artisans (county isn't interested in incentives for new business to come in), average age is retirement (it would seem).

If you like "country" this is the place - may be some time before "progress" arrives here!

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lilgasunshine(z7 Ga)

Waco, I have the perfect place for you! Or anyone really. Northeast Georgia. Beautiful country, low taxes, 10 miles to small city with great schools, great jobs; 30 mile from Atlanta. Kinda hot and humid in summer; not usually any snow. Crime rate low for our area. And best of all; we want to sell, and move farther north closer to family. lilga.

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I'm not sure I have the best place to live but would like to give my impressions of eastern Nebraska. I moved here in the last year from Michigan. Eastern Nebraska near the Missouri River is surprisingly hilly and does have quite a few trees. Not the Maples etc. that I'm used to but still. Weather is a bit too hot for me personally in the summer but not bad by some standards. Would be a fine place for homesteading except for a few surprises. Its pretty much big farms, big chemicals, no incentives at all for Wind power which is surprising since its very windy here or Solar which would also be very possible.
Property taxes are INSANE. I just bought 9 acres least to a crop farmer. On strictly ag land taxes are low. As soon as I put a 1400 sq foot house out there (nothing fancy, no brick etc.) My taxes will be 6,000 a year.
That's 500.00 a month. Many people live in Iowa and commute to escape the taxes here. I bought the land to start homesteading slowly while I work but frankly I won't be able to afford so much as a bush much less out buildings, chicks etc.

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Marys1000..6000.00 taxes a year for 9 acres thats a total rip-off.Thats one place I'll avoid moving to...thats totally out of line.

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I prefer Northern Minnesota. Good water in abundance. Adequate growing season. Far from the madding crowd. Quiet winters.
It is getting more developed as time goes by...but I've been in Minnesota for 30 years so I'd have to expect some changes.

We do enjoy traveling in the winter.

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I have found it but I ain't about to tell you. If you & everybody else who reads this moved here it wouldn't be the best no more. Lol

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We have 5 acres in Northern Ohio (near cleveland)... with a small house on it our taxes are 450 a month and getting ready to go up with another levy this November, we are considering a 50 year lease for 700 a month, because if we can get that it comes with 40 acres and is only 350 more then our taxes are now!

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RuthieG__TX(z8 TX)

We just moved home to the Texas Hill Country. We have 5 acres and are in the first stages of building a home. At the moment we are living in an RV and a big shed. We are actually spending more time in the shed than the RV. We had a lounge room built in the shed and I have set up a little utility area with a space for my washer and dryer and a table for eating and a kitchen area. Right now we are having fun but I am sure the novelty will wear off soon. We seem to have really good dirt and AI am staking out areas for my garden etc...

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geraldo(Cent. WA z6b)

Yeh, I found a place too, Ted. And I am not telling anyone, either. We should have moved there ten years ago, but we are still planning on it.

PS I just wanted to gloat a little bit, Good naturedly.

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I've lived here for 17 yr. and still love it, so I'm gloating too. I have one acre on lakefront, with small forrest of big trees across street. Small orchard and small garden provide veggies and fruit.
I'm the current president of our Lions Club and on first name basis with mayor and most of the councilmen (Council-ladies in past but none at present).

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I just spent a week in Oregon. Incredible. Even the rain was better than in Texas!

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hag49(Tx z8a)

WacoJohn, I think the best place to live is where you find happiness. I moved to China Spring from Dallas and love it here. It's peaceful,can garden yr.round,great views,wonderful people,etc. Sure, it's not the NW. but my family and friends don't live in the NW. I'd be lonely there and it wouldn't be paradise if I had to do it alone. I've enjoyed making my little world a paradise and it's getting there. BTW, what kind of fruit trees do you grow here? I have figs and peaches but that's all.

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erlyberd(Z5 CT)

Best place too live? How about low taxes, reasonable land, warmer than zone 5?, friendly people, some jobs, no natural disasters, 5-10 miles from town. This is a homesteader forum folks. Pick your piosion. Extreme north or down south!

I know the Northeast and Maryland does'nt even come close to a homesteaders dream! The only thing up this way is Northern NY or Maine. Just bring your own job!

I'm looking into TN perhaps.

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