How much sun & water for sweet basil?

river_crossroads z8b Central LouisianaMay 23, 2010

Hi, I'm new here. Can I plant my sweet basil seedlings behind my wax begonias or does basil need more water? Or would it be better to put the sweet basil seedlings near my rosemary? I've read that basil needs full sun in cooler zones. The basil will be in a flower bed near my concrete patio, where it was 110F, 43C, on the concrete last summer. Would my full sun be too much for basil? Rosemary needs partial shade here. Thanks so much!!!

Picture of bronze leaved pink begonias (geraniums died during the winter):

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Put the basil near the rosemary. It can take the full blast of the sun for as many hours of the day as the sun shines. It can take plenty of water, but the drainage must be excellent.

Of course, a baby plant will need to be hardened off gradually to take the hot conditions. I'm talking about a mature plant.

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river_crossroads z8b Central Louisiana

Thanks, Daisy. The basil seedlings have been outside in the shade for weeks. For hardening off, I think I need to put them in the sun for 30 min a day if possible, & increase the time until they are in sun all day. Is that right? Thanks so much for your help!

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My basil thrives in full sun here in Savannah. It does need water in the summer or it will wilt, but a good drink brings it back again. Also, it will self-seed vigorously if you let it. (At least it has for me.)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'd be surprised if the begonia does well in the hot, sunny location! I've seen them planted in such sites, but have never seen happy ones. (Just wondering....)

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river_crossroads z8b Central Louisiana

Mgpaquin, wow, I didn't know that they self-seeded. Thanks, great! Rhizo, I'm really a beginner who is very successful with a few plants & that's it. My own experience is that the bronze leaved begonias have a longer range, they will bloom in less sun & be happy in more sun that the more fragile green leaved begonias. Still the ones in the picture will not take full sun here, nor will rosemary. Comments here help me because when the basil is hardened off I will put it next to the rosemary & give it good drinks. Tomorrow I will try to put my SunCalc sun meter next to the begonias & report back tomorrow night.

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river_crossroads z8b Central Louisiana

rhizo_1, you asked about heat, sun and my begonias.

I notice now that my picture must be from early May 2009, because the green at the top is the bud of the walking iris (see link to pics on my page). Begonias probably took more sun at that cooler temp. Today was 91 F, 32.8 C, & the begonias look tired & ready to have the patio awning pulled over them for the summer. Intermittent boiling sun & pouring rain today & predicted for several days. No way to get accurate reading on SunCalc, sorry.

I once saw bonze leaf begonias in Houston at a La Quinta Motel, roasting in the sun between sections of the hot parking lot & looking happy. They looked like mine but the leaf had a slightly different shape. Thanks for your interest!

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