please help ID hibiscus

vvesper(7TN)September 13, 2009

Hi - I grew these from seed this year. I received the seed in a trade, and I'd like to know what type they are. Especially - are they annual or perennial? Below are photos that show the blossoms, leaves and seedpods. Thanks!

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OMG those are to die for...gorgeous. Hope ya find out...sigh..i may ask for you to save some seeds for me...seriously...LOL

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Summerbreezes, I would be happy to send you some seed. They are making tons! Email me with a mailing address, and I will send some. They are about 4-5 feet tall and only open in the earlier part of the day, but the flowers are so lovely and delicate!

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Hi ive sent u a email with my address as per request and i cant wait for next spring hibiscus if its really hot or humid will last only briefly but when things get more reasonable temperture wise they actually last days..uh huh really...THANKS SO MUCH and im sure hoping someone answers you on what the name of this lovely beauty is..

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Can't believe it - I answered my own question! I was surfing the Select Seeds website and dreaming of spring - and there it was! It's called Abelmoschus manihot and is a half-hardy annual. What are the chances?

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

vvesper that is great that you found out what it is. I am sitting here waiting for a call and thought let me browse through my other favorite plant forum.

Can I ask for some seeds also? Be even glad to pay for some. Or maybe I have something I can trade you with?

I need to goodle it how this one does in TX. But it has such different foliage and the color is so gentle to your eye.


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Abel whosawhatziemacallit geeeeeeesh cant they ever just make it simple giggle..and just what the heck would they mean by a 1/2 hardy .."annual"..sigh..when someone wants to be dont take much with me i can tell ya...glad you found it..i thought id check back to see if anyone knew but you found it looking forward to your mailing..give me a short note when u mail it dont sit around in a mailbox as i have to have someone pickup my mail for me. Congratulations

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halaeva(z6 Toronto)

This plant is 'Hibiscus Abelmoschus'.This is Okra-the vegetable, many of us like and can be found at grocery stores.
Yes,Okra is a very beautiful plant.
Please, Google Okra, also for image. I hope This can help.

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greyghost61(8b SoWeGa)

I know this is an olddddddddd post, but any southerner should have answered this, it is good ol' okra. Grown by most gardeners down here for food. It is a pretty plant and I was amazed the first time someone told me okra was a hibiscus. Oh yeah, pick those pods when they are green and you can boil them or deep fry them, they are a staple in southern food.

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gardeninginky(Central 7a)

Summerbreezes, looks like my yellow abelmoschus manihot. I have been growing this one here for 15 years. I just love it. The seed pods and stems are prickly.
I cut mine off and place them on newspaper to dry out and then remove the seeds. Hope that helps.

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Greyghost, you're wrong---that's not okra, that's . H. manihot. Look at the seed pods---they're nowhere as big as okra pods. And they're covered with some VERY prickly little thorns!

Believe me, I've grown both, and you do not want to try to eat this one! (*grin*)

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