Fencing advice for a newbie?

merry.heart(7)August 17, 2010

Hi--I'm brand new to homesteading, and trying to do my homework before I get in over my head. Can anyone offer advice for the most affordable fence for keeping about five large dairy goats (Nubians) and their rotating offspring? How much room do they need? We have cleared pasture and woods, and I was thinking they may like some of both--for shade and variety in foraging. Is that correct?

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The best fence we've used for goats is electric mesh. It's portable and the only thing that's ever kept in ANY goat we've ever had.

Two to three sets of mesh should be plenty for 5 goats.

This is also the best fencing to keep predators OUT.

Goats are browsers, not grazers, so would prefer the woods to the pasture.

Goats also need shelter. Nothing fancy, but they need a roof to keep out the rain.

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