Can you raise baby chicks and guinea keets together?

katheryn(z2-3)August 4, 2003

I'd like to have a few chickens and a few guineas. I've had chickens before and have a nice chicken house but I've never had guineas. I keep hearing that they will kill rattlesnakes or at least warn you. We have quite a few snakes and I would love to have snake guard guineas.Can the baby guineas and chickens be raised together and live together? Can you find and use guinea eggs just like chicken eggs? That is, will they lay in a nest box?

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jillmcm(z6 PA)

I know people who have successfully raised the two together. One of the bonuses is that the guineas will tend to think more like chickens and may roost in the coop as opposed to trees, etc. I think that keets need more protein than chicks, or possibly for a longer period - there are lots of good internet resources out there, just do a google search on raising the keets. They are more fragile and have tougher requirements, so I would research them first. I don't know if the guinea fowl lay like chickens, but I doubt you'll find the eggs - I don't think they'll use a nest box.

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BlueMntn(z8 SC)

My brother has chickens and guineas in the same pen. The chickens use the nesting boxes and the guineas lay in the brush. He also likes the taste of guinea eggs.

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clarysage1717(s.central pa z6)

Just how loud are guineas anyway? I'd like to get some but my rooster has never read the Rooster Manual and crows all night long (with no other light source nearby, none). My neighbors are very gracious about it, but I can't inflict anything else on them.


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If you put a low wattage light bulb low in the pen, the keets and chicks will learn to eat bugs. It saves on the feed bill, cuts down the bug population, and helps prepare them for foraging on their own when they get old enough to free range.

You might want to keep them separated until they grow a bit. The chicks grow faster than the keets and may trample them.

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well i just got 5 keets and i know a little about them but i would like some advise or tips on how to raise them so if you have any tips please contact me at:

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check for poultry advice . all types

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well thanx for the site and i hope none die cuz thst would suck

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keets need to eat game fowl starter or turkey starter that has more protein, also the heat needs to be a bit more hotter. Because keets are so small the can be trampled or pecked to death by the chicks. Also not all guineas will kill snakes unless you have a large lot of them. Safety in numbers and all that. They'll also are supposed to alert when a hawk flies overhead which makes the unwary chickens run for cover. Guineas and roosters should not be housed together. in a free range setting they might be okay but in a henhouse they'll kill eachother.

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You can raise them together, but you can't hatch them under a hen together. Chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch and guinea eggs take 28 days. An ideal way to raise baby guineas is to set guinea eggs under a chicken hen, let her hatch and raise the baby guineas.

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

We've got one guinea fowl running with our hens. He is the LOUDEST bird I've heard! Louder than peacocks and macaws. He screeches whenever he sees anything unfamiliar so if you get a new gardening hat, you'll hear about it. Speckles - the guinea fowl - is kinda fun to watch, he zooms around the place a lot more than the chickens and charges at the dogs (border collies will herd chickens) to keep them away from "his" girls. He has nice polka dotted feathers, too.

Sometimes he will roost in the avocado tree and screech about having to be by himself, but more frequently now he roosts in the hen house in a much quieter fashion. Which is a good thing since roast guinea fowl is really tasty and if he gets to be much more of a pest, that will solve any guinea problems.

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I had a question about getting guineas to control stink bugs in my area
Does anyone know if guineas will eat stink bugs? at all?
Our region has a huge issue with them coming into our homes via soffit vents and attic vents during the fall and I was hoping the guineas could help control them this autumn
Thanks. Donna

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You can have a hen hatch the guinea eggs we did and they never knew the difference and we keep all of ours together the rooster chicken and the male guinea with all the hens chicks and guineas and they get along fine since birth they even used to huddle together at night in the pin wgen they were babies.

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I have a question. We had 6 baby guinea hens. My daughter said we should have feed them some kind of Turkey feed. We feed them the Chick Starter that the feed store told us. They were all dead this morning. Please answer what we should have feed them?

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