Hibiscus growing huge, but not blooming

brisabnSeptember 7, 2007

I planted 3 hibiscus last fall and they have been growing beautifully all spring and summer. They are 2-3 feet tall at this point, starting out at about 6 inches. They are very healthy, but they are not blooming at all. I have not cut them back. Should I? I don't know if all the "energy" is going to growing the plant and not to flowering, but I would love to have some blossoms. I live in Arizona. Any help would be appreciated!

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Living in NYC, I can only guess about your growing season. Are you fertilizing the plants. If yes, how often? If the plants are doing nicely but not blooming, it may be too much fertilizer. Hibiscus also don't bloom if they do not get enough sun. Mine are grown from seed, (Southern Belle), and seem to need six plus hours of direct sun per day. Good luck.

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What is your climate like. Mountains, snow covered winters; desert oasis, hot days and near freezing nights; other?

Do you have hardy hibiscus or tropical hibiscus?

What did they experience last winter and very early spring?

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