can I move these tropical hibiscus?

Fori is not pleasedSeptember 3, 2013

My house has two old tropical bushes in an 18" wide bed (between house and sidewalk). They've been chopped a bunch over their lives so while they aren't that big overall, their trunks (or whatever you call the woody stump out of which all the current stems emerge) are about 12" in diameter.

They are in danger from an upcoming remodeling project as well as not really fitting their spot.

Can plants this size be moved? How big a rootball should I expect? I'm willing to pull up the sidewalk (but not the house!) to get them out but I want an idea of what I'm getting into before I start.

I'm in zone 10a--these plants are facing south and never suffer from weather but north facing plants in the neighborhood can get a little frostbit one or two nights in the winter.

Is there any chance that plants this old/large could be potted for a while and then put in the ground or is that likely too rough on them and I should just put them directly in the ground?


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