Yellow Leaves after Spider Mite treatment?

darkentropySeptember 20, 2009


I recently brought home two hibiscus from home Depot. They flowered slowly and first, then profusely, then stopped. They started dropping yellow leaves, slow at first, then more and more- and one plant is more affeted than the other.

I checked pictures and the stippling is classic spider mites. Under light, the leaves looked like they were covered in white fuzz. I soaked them in the tub- which helped for a few days, then it resumed- I gave them fertilizer, and I've sprayed them with spider mite treatment twice.

I moved them outside- away from my orchid- and it's been warm- but they're still dropping yellow leaves, again at a slower rate.

Does the plant keep dropping leaves after the spider mites are dead for a few days? One plant has almost half the leaves gone- I moved it away from the plant that's doing better-but both have new growth in the form of new leaves.

I can't seem to find information on what happens to the plants after you treat them and am wondering if I have won the battle or not...

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If they are forming new leaves there is definete hope. You may also want to scrap down well about two inches of the topsoil get rid of it and recap with new soil. At first becuz of shipping and new locations and transplanting any plant will undergo some shock which ALSO may have contributed to your leaf drop along with the insects. I never count a plant "in" so to speak till three years AFTER i get it in the ground. Thats any year to year to lay in some new root system and the third year the charm, hopefully. Hibiscus are beautiful but parasites seem to be a big problem, that and under watering them with folks in warmer or humid climates. Always remove any dead fallen leaves also. I think you will be fine. New growth is always a good sign. Good luck

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