ants on hibiscus

haskoSeptember 2, 2005

I bought this hibiscus tree in the fall and noticed that there were ants on the plant and in the soil. I brought the plant outside and sprayed it with Safers Trounce and it seemed to solve the problem for a couple of weeks but the ants keep coming back. Before the leaves flower there are black little bugs??? on them and I believe this is what is attracting the ants so I am spraying on this but for some reason I can't get rid of them and I need to solve this problem before the fall. I don't want ants in my house!! Is there something else I should be buying?

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Patris(9 Gulf Coast)

You are correct in that the ants are there because of the other insects.

I have had trouble with mealy bugs on my hibiscus and found the same problem with ants. They come to eat the other bugs, but do not seem to be making any head way.

I have taken to using a hard spray of water a couple of time a day to wash all the bugs off. After a day or two the mealy's are gone and so are the ants. I hate to use anything stronger than orange oil, so the water is a great find for me.

Try it and see if it helps before you resort to the heavy artillery.
Good luck

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