'Gold Dust' dropping buds

dwpc(8a - N Arizona)September 16, 2007

I planted a 1 gal. "Gold Dust" h. rosa-sinesis in May and it continued blooming very nicely until the end of July when the buds began dropping. I reduced the watering, but the buds continued to drop before opening and now I'm getting some yellowing leaves too. I'm in an area where hibiscus thrive. Its planted with western exposure. There's no shortage of buds but no bloom. No signs of pests. Any suggestions?

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soil could need to be deeply watered, But first check to make sure it has not been overwatered and now is experiencing root rot.

Otherwise, it may have by now used up all the fertalizer in the potting soil rootball. Begin feeding it with non burning, slow release food that, also, supports heavy blooming.

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