How many flowers on a lavender stem?

nancedar(z7NC)May 26, 2011

Several baking/canning sites say to strip the flowers from 12 lavender stems. OK, I bought culinary organic flowers on-line (sans stems), so just how many are there on a stem? By weight, by cup, tablespoon, what?

Several of my farmers market customers have asked if I would make Lavender Jelly, and, til now, have said, "No.". But the Atlantic Spice Company offered the flowers very inexpensively when I ordered a ton of other spices in bulk. Not being a fan of lavender in any form (wrong smeller, I guess), I have no idea how to determine what that jelly should taste like, but I have a dear friend who is crazy about lavender who has offered to be the taste tester. Still, how many is there per stem - overload is really possible, I think. Help, please.

I would suppose that a neutral apple jelly would be the best vehicle, but, suggestions are always welcomed from my esteemed fellow jelly/jam preparers.


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

From a Google search on it I got 8-12 as the average and many pictures of a stem in bloom and lots of videos about how to use it. Good old Google!

Found several references about "to taste" which doesn't help I know but LOTS of info on avoiding using too much as it "makes it taste like perfume" and repeated references to "just a hint" of flavor as the goal.

Sounds like your taste tester has work cut out for her. :)


PS: also ran across this Lavender Jelly recipe which specifies amount of flowers. Might be a good starting point.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to make lavender jelly

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As far as recipes go, try the peach lavender jam in Ashley English's book, "Canning and Preserving". I made three batches of it last summer and everyone loves it.

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