Controlling Bugs in Woodpile

jim_dandy(z6 PA)August 13, 2006

Does anyone have any good tips on how to eliminate bugs from wood? All of my firewood is from fallen trees on my property. Most of the wood is solid but some harbors some pests. It seems wasteful to leave it to rot but I don't know what else to do. Sometimes I'll make a pile of buggy wood, wait till it freezes and throw a piece or two on a hot fire but I'm always afraid that some bugs or eggs will fall of on the way to the woodstove. I have considered putting diatomaceous earth on the woodpile because a few bad pieces always get mixed in and I don't want an infestation to break out but I'm not sure of the safety. I am fairly sure that most heat bricks used in woodstoves and kilns are made mostly of diatomaceous earth. With that in mind I think wood treated with it should be ok but I don't want to be wrong and accidentally poison everyone and everything near the stove. Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks.

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pablo_nh(z4/5 NH)

Diatomaceous earth should do a fair bit in helping. The only health concern is breathing it, but that's a fairly low risk as well. Wear a reasonable respirator if still worried.

If you aren't too worried about being organic- you can cover the pile with a tarp, seal it up well, and toss a bug bomb in there. I know a guy that has a sealed shed for this purpose- killing borers in osage that he sells as bow-making wood.

Really bug ridden, rotting wood will have poor heating value. If not dried well- it acts like a sponge, as well. Not good for creosote buildup. Don't feel bad about the "waste" if you really can't use it- it ends up in the soil and feeds other trees/plants as a normal part of the carbon cycle.

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