Dying Rosemary

xdbnMay 31, 2010

I have had a rosemary plant potted in my kitchen for about six months. It has been thriving and doing very well. Recently, I transplanted it to my outside patio garden. After being out for only 2 days, it is browning and looking like it is dying. The soil is very dry (in Phoenix), but I have watered it several times to make sure it is moist enough. It has been in the low 100s everyday, and it receives a good deal of full sun for most of the day. Could too much powerful sun damage it? Is it under- or over-watered? Should I dig it up and bring it back inside? Help is greatly appreciated!


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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Did you harden it off before putting it outside? Sounds as if it has had a shock with the change of conditions. Presumably your kitchen was not 100 f and full sun so the poor thing has had a nasty surprise. I can't really recommend what to do because I have no experience of a climate like yours but I would guess it needs to be watered and shaded to give it a chance to adapt.

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My Rosemary grows in my backyard which only gets afternoon sun for about 5 hours. You may want to find a healthy branch and cut and pot inside until it produces another plant just in case you do lost your parent plant. As flora_uk says almost all plants need a Harding off period especially going into 100 degree temps from indoors.

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