Hardy Hibiscus

halaeva(z6 Toronto)September 4, 2005

My Hibiscus Blue River II has much smaller blooms(6"-7") than shoud have(10"-12")I purchased it 3 years ago,since then I am awaiting for big flowers.the plant looks very healthy,is watered and fertilized properly.What can I do wrong?Anyone has the same problem?Anyone can help me to find a solution?

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I have the same problem at my house in Louisiana. However, I have them in partial sun, which is probably a contributing factor.


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halaeva(z6 Toronto)

Hi Barbie,
Many thanks for your reply.

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My Luna Blush has mostly the smaller blooms but every once in a while a really big one pops up. I wonder if it's marketing that's claiming such big blooms which is true only part of the time.

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