Tropical hibiscus ID needed

bluerose007October 4, 2012

Can someone identify this please.

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Reminds me of fifth dimension

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I know I have seen this CV before. Fifth D has a red eye with a distinct white halo ring around it that fades to grey. During the heat of summer, I had more of a yellow tone on the edges. Give me some time, and I will find it. Are there any distinctive attributes? Does the flower start as one color, then change? What do the early opening pedals look like? Some have specific colors on the outside that change as they mature. I attached an example of Red Riding Hood. It starts yellow on the outside but when the bloom opens its has a full satin red appearance.

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Early RRH bloom.

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If the white halo was more distinct, I would say Gabriel. It has the correct patterns, so I am leaning heavily. Pictures are so hard to use as a reference.

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