Good book on pickling?

ikea_gwMay 9, 2011

I really want to start pickling vegetables this year. I have cucumbers, beets, tomatoes, and many other vegetables growing in my garden right now. Since I am new to this, I'd like to get a book now so I can read it before the harvests start. Do you have a favorite book on pickling? Something that contains old fashioned but also newer and more international selection of recipes? Thanks!

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"Canning for a New Generation" has some pickling recipes that are pretty bomb. She has a recipe for Persian Tarragon Pickles which is a recipe from Iraq and it's super yummy....she has hot carrots recipes, kimchi, beets, asparagus, jalapenos, radishes, baby asparagus, turnips, etc.

There's also "The Joy of Pickling", which I haven't bought because I'm not that interested in pickling and Canning for a New Generation has enough pickling recipes to serve my curiosity....

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Another vote for Joy of Pickling. Lots of variety included and no concerns over any safety issues that you often find in other books.


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crankyoldman(z5 NY)

I really like Canning for a New Generation too.

I've had some problems with the directions of Joy of Pickling recipes where the quantities were way off--like somehow pints and quarts were confused. I love her giardiniera recipe, though.

Another one for fresh pickles is Quick Pickles. I made the pickled turnips in gin recipe from that. Holy cats, was it good.

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Better late than never...I recently got Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. It has TONS of recipes! It boasts over 400 recipes. They're awesome!

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This link was posted on the forum, and I saved it. It's a 64 page document on pickling.

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