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Gutzmek(6)October 27, 2012

An idea I had. Listing all the different hibiscus you are growing. Maybe we can share some cuttings, get plants identified, etc.

RoS = Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus Syriacus)

HM= Hardy water lovers (Hibiscus Mosheutos)

RS = Tropical Cultivars (Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis)

Other = Varieties not classified above, (i.e. Schizopetalus)

Unk = Don't know what you got, lets help. You could say RoS Unk and have an unknown variety of RoS.

BL = Bucket List (What do you want? limit 5)

@ I'll start:


Blue Bird

Blue Satin

1 Unk (less than a 12" tall)


Lord Baltimore

Plum Crazy

Midnight Marvel

Cranberry Crush

Crown Jewels

Robert Fleming

2 Unk (less than 12"tall)



Sunny Wind

Tangerine Mist

Erin Rachael

Mandarin Wind

Sea Spray

Cosmic Dancer (Dupont)

Red Riding Hood

Fifth Dimension


Voodoo Magic


Red Dragon

Thunder Egg

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Always fun to see what is out there. My list is pretty small still.

The Path
Hula Girl
Bridal Veil
Carolina Breeze
big box unknown - small pink flowers with darker eye
several seedlings as of yet unknown
Hot Ticket - graftling
Black Dragon - graftling

Fifth Dimension
Tahitian Princess
Cindy's heart

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We both have plants we want. I suspect we could get each other some cuttings this spring if you are hopefully in North America. I know Black Dragon is a finicky plant like Cosmic Dancer, but its worth the risk of shipping. I can start a Fifth D cutting and hopefully have a small plant ready for you next year.

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Gutzmek, I can definitely try to get some cuttings going from the larger plants, anything not labeled graftling. the graftlings I just got from fancy hibiscus, and are super tiny yet. I have no idea how it will take them to get big enough to get cuttings from. I am practicing getting some cuttings to root over the winter - hopefully it goes well. I am in california.

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I have family in the SF area of Cali (Mom's White Wings). But I am curious about your experiences with Fancy Hibiscus. HVH sent excellent plants this year, and I would love to order from FH next spring also.


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So hard for me to collect my thoughts to compose this but I will give it a try.

Red Okra - Not positive if this is RoS- Small Plant

Luna Red-Small Plant

Hula Girl
Edward Laplante
Orange Double (big box)
Red Single (nursery no name)
Pink Single (big box)
Orange with red center (?)
White Wing
Yellow (nursery no name)

Confederate Rose -Hibiscus mutabilis Single Pink

Red Maple or Red Shield -Red leafed plant looks like a Red Maple Tree - Hibiscus acetosella Has not flowered yet.

Rose Queen or Red Hot - Unusual leaves of red/white and green. Has not bloomed yet.

Redvein Indian Mallow
Any other versions of the Confederate Rose


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nice - i am not far from SF, little south, work in SF. I ordered from Fancy hibiscus the black dragon and the hot ticket. I think i mentioned somewhere - Wynn mentioned the plants were small when i ordered, but the supply of black dragon seems to be a bit limited right now and he warned me that was the case. He shipped them pretty quick - came in just fine, the box was in good condition, plants were still wet. My only quibble is that the leaves were somewhat yellow when i got the plants and in the next week definitely turned chlorotic. i was a bit worried, but I quickly added some epsom and chelated iron - they have been improving rapidly. I have only had them about a month - and as long as they keep improving i will be happy. no idea how long until a i get to see a bloom. I intend to order from HVH as well - haven't gotten the chance yet - something about xmas coming up and I'm not allowed to buy anymore potential gift items. the two suppliers definitely have different stock...

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Well here is my pitiful list:

Red Hot
Fort Myers
Edward La Plante
Yellow Sunset
Painted Lady
Snow Queen
Jane Cowl

Other Red Shield

My Bl: White Elephant Ear

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No such thing as a pitiful or small list Olddog. We are all fans of the same hobby (addiction). And I'm sure we all get the same endorphin rush when we see even the most basic hibiscus either at a store or in a neighbors yard. You know its bad, when you spend part of your vacation in a different state checking nurseries for deals. Isn't that right Darren?


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or you are walking around town seeing these nice hibiscus bushes and wondering how upset people would be if you just took a quick clipping. I am guessing Disney wouldn't be too thrilled about it....

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Ed, my group therapy sessions start, my name is darren and I'm a plantaholic. I buy new plants before the ones I have at home have gone in the ground. Yeah, vacation sortes will be next.

Olddog, I looked up your red shield and I believe it is the same as my red maple which is named, Mahogany Splendor. Too funny but I have heard both names used.

Merkity, I have a couple of homes I've "marked" to return to. Will try to catch the owners for permission as they have unusual plants.


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Darren: I know just what you are saying. I have heard it called Red Spirit as well as Red Maple. It just goes to prove my point. There is a endless row of names for the same plant. I guess unless you are into the real Scientific names for all these critters you will just have to take them for what they are worth. I am too old to start digging into the real names and I am too old to really care what people call them. It is fun though to see what pops up with all these plants.

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Olddog, agreed. I'm too old to learn another language, learning scientific names is too much work!


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So those cuttings i started way back when are finally taking off this year. they were super small cuttings. One was likely only about 3-5 inches to start. it is now only about 6 inches tall but has full size leaves. it looks pretty silly being so short. soon as i can get my pics downloaded i will post them. I have a second one that was no more than an inch long cutting and its also now about 3-4 in tall and dong very well now.

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HM -
Blue River ll
Plum Crazy

RS -
Cindy's Heart
High Voltage
Daisy Mae
Crimson Ray
Hot Pepper
Canary Song
Merci Beacoup
Electric Pizzaz
Georgia's Pearl
Purple Moon
White Satin

Other -
Confederate Rose

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Very cool that this thread was started again. My collection has changed a lot since the original post.

I am waiting on the to see what hardy plants survive from this past winter. I did however beef up my tropical collection. A few were lost to wilt disease, but I have used this as learning experiences..

Current H. R-S below ( several not included)

Sunny Wind
Mandarin Wind
Tangerine Mist
Voodoo Magic
Sea Spray
Golden Dust
Red Riding Hood
Cosmic Dancer
Pilot Nor
Creole Lady
Hickory Wood
Snow Storm
Night Runner
Black Dragon
Erin Rachael
Acapulco Gold
Rocket Fuel
Jet Propulsion
Thunder Egg
Rain Drop

To name a few.

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some very cool hibiscus in there. I am itching to get my hands on a Cindy's heart. and sadly I lost my black dragon over winter :( My collection is still pretty small, though i have spotted several more varieties that i want to get ....

lets see i still have:

red double
hot ticket
burnt saffron
the path
(another one that looks like path, but has a different name i can't remember right now)
Bridal Veil
two seedlings, one of which is just about to flower in a couple weeks!!!!

oh - and i have two hardy hibiscus that were supposed to be a blue flower but the only flower i have seen so far was white. they aren't happy campers right now since i put them in the ground.

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Hello everyone. I'm just starting to collect hibiscus and only have young plants thus far.

Wild Grape
Blues in the Night
Acapulco Gold
Rodeo Drive
Susan Schlueter
Gator Pride
Tahitian Princess

RoS: Texas Star - red

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was browsing home depot today - ran across a rum runner which i didn't get at first. i did take home a little one called sunny wind and then decided to go back and get rum runner as well since i don't see it that often. I have noticed that the big box stores seem to put out a few varieties for the season and then don't have them again for a bit. Also grabbed one called snowfire - since i didn't have any of that type in my collection.

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